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<i>Porites furcata</i> (a colonial scleractinian coral) fluorescent photomicrograph <i>Fungia</i> sp. (single polyp scleractinian coral; common name - mushroom coral) photomicrograph of the mouth area <i>Madracis mirabilis</i> (colonial coral, common name – yellow finger coral) fluorescent photomicrograph showing the edge of healthy tissue bordering dead coral <i>Ricordea florida</i> (single polyp octocoral, common name - false coral) fluorescent photomicrograph <i>Montastraea sp.</i> (common name, boulder coral) fluorescent photomicrograph

Report a Disease Outbreak

Unusual change in coral color, skeleton, or an abnormal growth? You can report this information using our Level I report form. You will assist in the study of coral disease by providing early information on potential major disease outbreaks.

What is Coral Disease?

Coral disease is any deviation from, or interruption of, normal structure or function, often manifested as either color change or skeletal damage and may be accompanied by tissue loss. Learn More

CDHC Library and Education

The Library is a virtual link to coral disease publications, bibliographies, coral images, information specific to teachers and kids, CDHC committee reports and the coral disease database. Learn More

About The Coral Disease & Health Consortium

imageThe CDHC is a network of field and laboratory scientists, coral reef managers, and agency representatives devoted to understanding coral health and disease. It is extensive, highly collaborative, and completely voluntary with over 150 partners currently.

The CDHC was created in 2002, in response to the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force’s (USCRTF) National Action Plan to Conserve Coral Reefs; it is an official working group of the Task Force under Resolution 16.6. Learn More.