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Characterized Diseases

White Band Disease

White Band Disease (WBD) is a common tissue loss disease that affects the two Caribbean acroporid species Acropora cervicornis and Acropora palmata throughout their geographic range.


White Plague

White plague (WP) is a common tissue loss disease that affects a broad range of scleractinian coral species.


Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease

Stony coral tissue loss disease (SCTLD) is a highly lethal coral disease that has since spread rapidly throughout the Caribbean.

Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease

Black Band Disease

Black band disease is an infectious coral disease that is globally present and affects 19 scleractinian coral species.​


White Syndromes

“White Syndromes” are a collection of coral diseases that share the common lesion characteristic of acute tissue loss.​


Dark Spot Disease

Dark spot disease is a non-lethal coral disease that is characterized by lesions of purple or brown discoloration.

color change

White Pox/ White Patch Disease

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shape oblong

Yellow Band Disease

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location central_medial

Ciliate Infection

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Growth Anomalies

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relief nodular

Porites Trematodiasis

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Pigmentation response

Pink Line Syndrome

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