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Outbreak Investigations

"Disease management is a tactical battle in which one uses intelligence gathered about the disease to identify the most vulnerable point at which to attack".

As coral reefs continue to decline throughout their global range, and as disease continues to increase in frequency and distribution around the world, it is critically important that management bodies and coastal communities develop their local response capabilities to investigate coral disease outbreaks and to launch an effective response.

Preparing an organized response system to investigate coral disease events can help to answer the “big picture” questions about an outbreak: 

The "Big Picture" Questions about a Disease Outbreak

CDHC Field Manual for Investigating Coral Disease Outbreaks

Members of the CDHC have created a manual to provide standardized protocols and procedures for field investigations of coral disease outbreaks available here. This document is intended to serve as an operational guide to coordinate effective, informative responses by outbreak response teams to incidents of coral disease and mortalities.

Content Preview:

Tools for Disease Diagnosis and Outbreak Response

Explore other CDHC resources for launching a coral disease outbreak investigation and response:

Sample Collection Techniques

View our video gallery of sample collecting and processing methods for coral disease

Protocols video

Coral Disease Assessment Form

Download and use this form for documenting coral disease in the field

Assessment Form thumbnail

Coral Disease ID Key

Use this key to identify disease based off of gross symptoms

Coral Disease Identification Key thumbnail

Diagnostic Decision Tree

Answer questions about field observations to diagnose a coral disease

Decision tree thumbnail image

Field Guides

Download field guides to help identify  coral diseases in the Caribbean and Pacific

Field Guides thumbnail

CDHC Outbreak Response Training Modules

Download a course of training modules  for disease  outbreak investigation

Module 1-Thumb