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Specimen in Culture

The live specimen holdings include scleractinian, sea anemone, and corallimorph species. There are at least 20 species with more than 30 medium sized colonies and 9 large colonies. The holdings include > 500 fragments of scleractinians (primarily Acropora cervicornis, Porites divaricata and Porites lobata). Other holdings include 13 adult Fungia sp, >50 individual Fungia recruits (<1cm), 6 Ricordea florida and several Zoanthid colonies.

Anthozoan Species under culture are listed alphabetically and are paired with an example photograph:

Corallimorph species
Ricordea florida  
Zoanthus sp.  

Scleractinian species
Acropora cerealis  
Acropora cervicornis  
Acropora chesterfieldensis  
Acropora millepora  
Agaricia sp.    
Fungia sp.    
Goniastrea sp.  
Madracis mirabilis  
Millipora sp.  
Montastraea (annularis & faveolata)    
Montipora capitata  
Pocillopora damicornis  
Porites astreoides  
Porites divaricata  
Porites furcata  
Porites lobata  
Stylophora pistillata  

Sea Anemone species
Aiptasia sp.