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Coral Protocols Online

Coral Protocols Online (CPO) is the latest addition to the CDHC website (in beta testing). CPO is an online coral community resource intended to be a living document that provides up-to-date protocols, laboratory methods and techniques to support scientific research in coral health-related topics.

We invite contributions from YOU to expand this online community resource. Submissions will undergo review prior to inclusion in the collection. Download a template to organize your protocol. Once you have prepared your protocol it may be submitted to the CDHC at by entering New Protocol in the subject line and attaching the protocol in Word and pdf formats.



  • A protocol is a precise and detailed experimental plan.
  • A method is a procedure of regular, systematic and orderly arranged steps to accomplish a task.
  • A technique is a particular practical method to accomplish a task requiring skill and knowledge derived from practice and familiarity, leading to proficiency and skillfulness in a particular procedure.


  • Provides procedures that have been tested and that work in coral
  • Organized in a standard format of step-by-step procedures
  • Includes required materials, equipment, and their sources
  • Includes figures, graphs and/or tables illustrating typical results
  • Provides intended application for the protocol to aid in proper selection for addressing a given problem
  • Includes caveats, warnings, and notes to help in troubleshooting