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Lesion Terminology and Visualization

The links on this page will allow the display of a photograph illustrating the term selected (or clicked on). Hover over each image to navigate through the collection.
Lesion Descriptions
Color Change - include corals exhibiting change from their normal pigmentation or lack of pigmentation in tissues, typically exemplified by a white color
Growth Anomaly - include corals exhibiting excessive or apparently uncontrolled growth of skeleton or soft tissues in relation to adjacent polyps on the same colony
Skeletal Damage - structural change to the skeleton caused by anthropogenic, biological agent or environmental events
Tissue Loss - include corals manifesting absence of tissues with or without intact skeleton
Lesion Shape
Annular - of, relating to, or forming a ring
Circular - having the form of a circle
Irregular - lacking perfect symmetry of form: not straight, smooth, even, or regular
Linear - of, relating to, or resembling a line
Oblong - deviating from a square, circular, or spherical form by elongation in one dimension
Lesion Distribution
Coalescing - to grow together
Diffuse - not concentrated or localized
Focal - of, relating to, being, or having a focus
Linear - of, relating to, or resembling a line
Multifocal - arising from or occurring in more than one focus or location
Lesion Location
Apical - situated near the apex or tip of a structure, as in the apical portion of a cell, opposite of basal
Basal/Peripheral - situated near the base of a structure in relation to a specific reference point, opposite of apical
Central/Medial - lying or extending in the middle
Lesion Relief
Bosselated - marked or covered with small bosses (protuberant parts or bodies)
Exophtic - tending to grow outward beyond the surface epithelium from which it originates
Nodular - of, relating to, characterized by, or occurring in the form of a nodule (a small node, a circumscribed mass of tissue, or knob-like or knotty swelling of tissue)
Umbonate - a rounded elevation
Lesion Edges
Annular - of, relating to, or forming a ring
Distinct - distinguishable to the eye or mind as discrete
Indistinct - not sharply outlined or separable
Lesion Margin
Serpiginous - having a wavy border
Serrated - having a sawlike edge or border
Smooth - having a continuous even surface
Undulating - wavelike in shape